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My name is Mandeep Mehta. I have more than 20 years of experience in the corporate world.

I started off my career in Software development. At that time we used to create all our documents in Wordstar.  I clearly remember one Saturday afternoon, I saw my client working on Microsoft Word 97 on his PC. I was greatly fascinated by the graphical interface of Microsoft Word. I asked his permission if I can use his PC to learn Microsoft Word. And he was okay with it. Since they had a half day on Saturdays, he permitted me to use his PC, on Saturdays after he left. Thus started my journey to explore Microsoft Word via trial and error.  Microsoft Word was the most used software out of all applications of the MS OFFICE Suite. I learn a lot about creating effective documentation using many features of Microsoft Word.  

Few years later, when I moved into operations and reporting, I faced a new beast, Microsoft Excel. Besides Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint and Microsoft Outlook were also used a lot. Initially, I had a tough time with Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook. Unlike earlier, while learning Microsoft Word, luckily this time around I had help in the form of internet access. I started following blogs on applications and starting implementing in my day to work, the knowledge I learnt from these blogs. And, in a short span of few months, I became the go to guy for Microsoft Office related issues in my team and also in other teams. I also started taking training for my colleagues. As a result I was also invited by my organization’s Learning and Development department to conduct Microsoft Office training for the company employees. Thus I was empanelled on the list on internal trainers for Microsoft OFFICE maintained by the company’s Learning and Development teams.

I have been privileged to have had the opportunity to work on almost all the versions of Microsoft Office starting from Microsoft Office 97.  And hence, on this site, my aim is to share my experiences over the years in using MS OFFICE applications. I will also be sharing some useful tips and tricks and news,  from the world of technology.

Besides technology I also love,

  • I am an avid movie buff. I love to watch movies of action and comedy genre.
  • I am ardent follower of Kishore Kumar songs.
  • I also follow sports like Tennis, WWE and cricket. I am a big follower of the Indian cricket team. Some of my favorite cricketers are
    • Sunil Gavaskar
    • Sir Vivian Richards
    • Sachin Tendulkar (The God of Cricket) – Revered all around the world for his on field heroics
    • Rohit Sharma(the Mumbai Indians Hitman)
    • Dhoni – One of the best finishers, India has produced. The only captain to have all the ICC trophies
    • Kohli – India’s most successful captain

My aim is to help you navigate the world of technology and MS OFFICE applications in particular, with confidence.

Here is hoping you have a great time on this site.

Happy Learning!!

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